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A New You

I like to think of my services as life-changing, because I strive to eliminate bad habits and establish new healthy ones. If you want to learn more about my clients’ past experiences and the amazing results they’ve achieved, you can check out some of their past success below!

Client Success Stories: Testimonials


 I had the pleasure of working with April for a year. When she first came to me she had just under gone gastric bypass surgery. This surgery helped her get halfway to her goal but she knew she still had more work to do. With my guidance and knowledge and her consistent efforts, April managed to lose a total of 150 lbs. I still remember when she said to me "I'm the smallest waist size I've been in 20 years."



Katie has been training with me for the past three to four years. Since she started with me she has noticed a tremendous increase in strength. She currently deadlifts 225lbs for a 1RM (1 rep max). Not only that, she has also made significant changes to her physique thanks to her consistent efforts inside and outside of the gym.



I had the pleasure of working with Rob back in January of 2018. He was wanting to compete in his first physique show. Not having any experience or knowledge about competing, I told him I would be his coach. During that 8-week time frame I worked with him very closely. We monitored his training and eating habits week-by-week making sure each week we were getting better. I'm very proud of the package Rob and I brought and I can't wait to see what happens next year! 



Donna became my very first client in July 2015. We trained on and off for three years until February 2018. Since then she has been consistently training with me three times a week for the past year. Thanks to her hard work and dedication along with my coaching she's seen tremendous results. She feels "sexier" and "confident enough to wear a bikini." She has regained her confidence so much so that she feels comfortable wearing a bikini, something she hasn't done in over 10 years.



Encarnita started training with me in April of 2017. Her situation is quite unique in the sense that she suffers from a rare autoimmune disease known as Lupus. Her goals were to rid herself of knee pain, lose inches and improve her overall health. Since beginning with me she's accomplished all of those goals and more! I still remember her saying "Out of all the trainers I had you were the only one who got rid of my knee pain." 

Steph 1.jpg


I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for the past 5 months. When she reached out to me her goals were: trim inches, drop her body fat % and get stronger. Thanks to her consistent efforts inside and outside of the gym Stephanie managed to lose 8lbs, drop her body fat by 5% and get stronger. 



I had the pleasure of working with Brenda who is one of the strongest and hardest working women I know. She would train with me five days a week at 6 a.m. She put in the work and the results speak for themselves. She has increased her confidence, feels better, and has improved her overall health.

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